Find my Phone by Clamp


Find my phone by clap will help you to locate. Your phone is just a clap away.

Clap phone finder is a very helpful finder tool to locate/find your phone with just a clap. The phone will respond with an alert tune with flash and also vibrate. Find my phone by clap, Clap to find my phone, clap to find my phone flashlight and clap to find my phone with sound all these features are available in this single app. Find your phone without GPS or any internet connection. Your phone could be anywhere whether it's in the bag, drawer or inside the room, you just have to clap to find your lost phone. To operate Clap phone finder just clap and your phone will start vibrating, flash or ring according to the settings which will allow you to locate it very quickly.

          Finding a lost phone around you is no longer a problem if you have this app. You just have to  activate this find my phone by clap with sound on your phone and this clap phone finder will do the rest. Every time you clap your phone will respond to that clap. This phone finder gadget is very helpful and easy to use. Easy to Activate the Clap detector app, you can activate find my phone by clap app with a single button.

Some features of the Clap phone finder app are as follows: 

1, Respond to the clap even in silent or  Do not disturb mode.

2, Has a power saving mode that will allow the app to respond only when the 

 screen is off or the phone is locked.

3, Has a number of alert and funny sounds.

4, Select any ring from your phone to find your phone.

5, By following the sound you can easily locate your phone.

6, No need for GPS or any internet connection.

7, You can easily ON/OFF flash, vibration and power saving mode.

8, Find my phone by clap has a smart view is free and easy to use.

How to use the app:

Here are the steps to use Find my Phone by Clamp:

1. Download and install the Clamp app on your phone. To download the app use the following install button.

2. Open the app and sign up for a new account (if you don't already have one).

3. Grant the app access to your phone's location, camera, and other necessary permissions.

4. Tap on "Find my Phone" from the main menu.

5. The app will show you the last known location of your phone on a map. If the phone is nearby, you can ring it to help you locate it.

6. If your phone has been stolen or lost, click on the "Mark as lost" button. This will activate the lost mode, remotely lock your phone, and allow you to track its movement in real-time.

7. The app will send you a notification once your phone is found or if someone tries to tamper with it.

8. To stop using Find my Phone by Clamp, simply close the app or remove it from your phone.

Download now! It saves you a lot of time in phone finding.

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