How to make money online with clip claps

Clip Claps claims to be the best video player in the world where you can earn rewards by playing games, watching videos and uploading links of your favorite YouTube videos as well. Today I'm going to find out Does Clip Claps actually pay or not? Hope you enjoy.  So the whole concept of Clip Claps is extremely interesting to me, just for the simple fact that you can earn money just by watching videos or uploading videos to their platform. Now, the design of Clip Claps is very straightforward and easy to understand. As soon as you sign up, you'll either be watching people's personal uploaded videos or linked YouTube videos. At the bottom of the screen, you will see the Discover tab, and this is where you will find trending user channels or hot clap houses. Now you might be thinking what on earth is a clap house. Clap houses are for users that have joined the premium partner program of clip claps. The Clap House also allows the creator to earn rewards and also have fan clubs. You will see that clap houses also feature their own chat rooms and events.  

Now the rewards tab is where you will find all the ways that you can actually earn clap coins that then can be changed into real life money. The way that a new user can earn these clap coins other than just watching a video is by completing daily tasks, opening treasure chests that contain not only clap coins, but sometimes cash and raffle reward tokens. Because yes, there is a raffle system in clip claps as well. But not only that, you can spin a prize wheel every single day, multiple times a day as well. If you watch advertisements, there is also an offer system on clip claps as well that allows you to not only play games and earn clap coins via the rewarded Playtime feature, but you can also complete offers that reward you with hundreds or thousands of these clap coins as well as completing surveys. But to even add more on to that, you can actually invite your friends to clip claps to earn treasure chest. You will also find the cash exchange system here where you can convert your clap coins into real life money.

 Now moving on to the actual way that you can earn the clap coins by watching purely videos on clip claps. As soon as you sign up to the platform, you'll then be thrown into watching videos essentially. Okay, so as soon as you start watching any of the videos on the video feed, you will start to earn clap coins. Now the thing is, I had a little tiny jar in the bottom right corner of the screen that would fill up with clap coins. The longer I watched a video. The only problem is guys, is that this earning method does not last for long. It only took me around 5 to 8 videos or so for that method to actually stop working for the day because I reached a limit. Now when I last reviewed clip Clap, it wasn't like this. You could just endlessly watch videos to unlock treasure chests. So once you've actually activated that daily limit, clip claps will then ask you to go complete tasks and offers. So it's almost like they really are trying to push you into completing tasks and offers surveys and playing games instead of actually watching the videos to earn the clap coins.

Now the amount of clap coins that you earn per video completely depends on your actual account level because yes, your clip claps account actually has its own unique level and the more you watch videos on clip claps, the more you'll level up your account. So pretty much if you are a user who decides not to actually upload videos onto clip claps or you don't want to complete any tasks, you just want to watch nothing but videos, it is going to take you such a long time to earn any decent amount of money on clip claps in my personal opinion.

Coins and invest them into clip claps, and then if you wait long enough, you'll get a return on your investment depending on what plan you take. The longer plan means, the longer that you lose your clap coins for, but eventually you'll obviously gain them all back, plus the extra coins that your plan rewards you. So this is actually a pretty cool feature and I have to admit everyone, I do like it. I really do believe that's going to be a great way for users that don't really want to complete offers or tasks to constantly earn clap coins. So instead of having your clap coins just sit in your balance, you're then investing them into the financial plan to constantly grow the balance. Now, when it comes to the claps themself, I found giving claps out to other videos really didn't do anything for my balance. The only reason why I feel people are clapping at all is because usually it's part of a daily task that clip claps, gives the user. There is also something called pick fans on clip claps, where essentially it's the premium side of clip claps. I'm fairly sure it's for when you want to donate to a creator. So someone that owns a clap house.

So if you manage to get to the point where you're able to create your own clap house, you'll then, I'm assuming, be able to take donations in something to note here as well is that clip claps actually has their own in house games where you can win rewards. But not only that they also have ebooks as well that you can read. So I didn't dive too much into this system, but it is there if you guys want to explore it.  I personally linked around 15 videos from YouTube that I thought were interesting, and in one single day I managed to receive 561 claps and 119 followers.

Now, to have your own clap house, you'll need to have 10,000 followers. So you can imagine how long that's going to take a user. Guys, you're going to have to literally link hundreds if not thousands of YouTube videos on this platform. And even then I feel weird using other people's YouTube content on clip claps. The craziest part is clip claps claims no responsibility for the copyright, so you are actually able to get in trouble if someone from YouTube comes over to clip claps and see you're using their work without permission.

So as a new user, you're allowed to cash out the minimum of $0.10 worth of PayPal currency. The only thing is, guys, you might think in your head, Oh wow, that is such a low cash out threshold. Well, once you cash out that $0.10, I'm happy to say yes, they do actually pay you. So you will receive that $0.10 within five days or so after asking for it, at least in my experience. But then all of a sudden you head back to the cash out page and that cash out page now has a minimum cash out of $10 and was just like, Wow, they still have this system in place that they've had for years now.

Everyone and clip claps is littered with advertisements. Not only that, it's hosting content that more than likely don't think the YouTube creators would be happy with if they found out other people were earning money through their own content. Now, as I'm not a clap house owner, I'm not 100% certain if you can use other people's YouTube links. But if you can, then that's really running the risk of being in trouble by creator one day. So if you want to use clip claps, I really recommend you try and be yourself. Don't link other people's videos because you want to build an audience around you, not other YouTubers.

 And the scariest thing is if you read reviews about clip claps, apparently they really don't pay their players often and they randomly ban people's accounts at the drop of a dime. So I'm giving you a big caution here about clip claps. Do I really think it's worth your time? No. I feel like you can invest your time into much bigger things and better things than clip clap. Unless you're a clap house member, you're not really going to be earning anywhere near the amount of money where this can ever be considered a side hustle at that.

 If you have a problem, Google will not help you. It's you versus the clip clap support team if you ever get banned or if they don't pay you. That's always something to keep in mind here. If you want to be a free user and not upload videos, I suggest completing surveys, playing the games, completing the offers and reinvesting your clap coins into the financial plans to try and get as much money as you can with doing the least amount of work.

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