How to make money online by selling photo using Foap

 Foap is a mobile app that allows users to sell their photos online. It was founded in 2012 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden. With Foap, photographers can earn money by uploading their photos to the app and making them available for brands and companies to buy.

To use Foap, you'll first need to create an account, which is free. Next, you can upload your photos to the app and make them available for purchase. When a brand or company purchases one of your photos, you'll earn 50% of the sale price.

Foap also has challenges where brands can ask for specific types of photos, such as photos of pets or scenery. If your photo is chosen as the winner of a challenge, you can earn additional money on top of the purchase price of the photo.

In addition to selling your photos on the app, Foap also allows you to connect with other photographers and share your work in the community. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

If you're a photographer looking to make money from your photos, Foap could be a great option to explore. Just be sure to read the terms and conditions carefully before uploading your photos and always protect your copyright.

How to start Make money in Foap

1. Download the Foap app:
The first step is to download the Foap app using the below Install button.

2. Sign up and create a profile:
After downloading the app, sign up and create a profile. Fill in your details and add a profile picture.

3. Upload your photos:
Start uploading your best photos to the app. Foap accepts all types of photos, but keep in mind that it's best to upload high-quality photos that stand out.

4. Add relevant tags and descriptions:
When uploading your photos, make sure to add relevant tags and descriptions. This will help buyers find your photos easily on the app.

5. Wait for buyers to purchase your photos:
Once your photos are uploaded, wait for buyers to purchase them. Foap has a community of buyers who are constantly looking for high-quality photos to use for their projects.

6. Earn money:
When your photos are purchased, you'll earn money. Foap pays 50% of each sale, so you'll earn $5 per photo sale.

7. Optional:
Participate in Missions: Foap also has Missions where brands or companies put out a request for specific types of photos. If your photo is chosen, you can earn between $100 to $500 per photo.

Donload the app here...
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